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An appeal to the originators of fsi-language-courses.org

Recently someone has lodged a claim that these works were not produced by volunteers using materials obtained from the U.S. government, but were derived in some unspecified manner from his commercial version of the FSI courses. In the interest of protecting access to this content, we request that anyone who can document or attest to the provenance of any of the works hosted here please contact us at antibozo [at] gmail [dot] com. In particular, we solicit the help of anyone who performed audio capture or editing and can help us demonstrate that the source materials for these recordings were in fact in the public domain. (To clarify: it is generally accepted that original FSI course materials are in the public domain; this dispute is over whether the specific materials used to prepare the files hosted previously at fsi-language-courses.org, and now here, were derived works with copyright, or were public domain materials, such as cassette tapes purchased from the U.S. government.)

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